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Rabbit the Magical Wall Sticker


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TOYS FROM THE ATTIC collection is our tribute to all the wonders that are hidden now in the dark attics.
This collection includes French Pierrot, a rocking horse, wooden blocks, spinning tops, leather roller skates and hula hoops! You can find even our beloved rabbit in the role of a magician.

Once, we wrote a poem about our bunny, in which he charms the reality and the rhyme … has come true!
Here is a wonderful set, the elements of which can be arranged in so many different ways on the wall.

The large set (L) will be perfect for the bed, the smaller set (S) is an addition, for example, above the desks above the bookshelf.

Template S:
60 cm x 66 cm

  • bunny: 24 cm x 44 cm
  • top hat with pins: 13 cm x 15 cm
  • cloud with the moon: 20 cm x 25 cm
  • stars and golden balls: from 1 cm (balls) to 7 cm (big star)

Template L: 90 cm x 100 cm

  • bunny: 36 cm x 67 cm
  • cylinder with pins: 20 cm x 22 cm
  • cloud with the moon: 30 cm x 37 cmstars and golden balls: from 2 cm (balls) to 11 cm (big star)The stickers do not have a white outline or border, so we only transfer the “cut” elements onto the wall. That’s why they fit walls of any color.