YOPE Antibacterial Hand Soap for Kids Pineapple & coconut (REFILL) / YOPE 兒童抗菌 (補充裝)菠蘿丶椰子洗手液


Washes away the bad germs without harming the skin’s natural defences.

Scent characteristics

Sweet, tangy and tropical, like a tropical drink with a rainbow umbrella.

What nourishes your kid’s hands?

Gentle formula combines soothing pineapple extract with nourishing coconut extract to reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barrier. We’ve added a targeted antibacterial ingredient that neutralises infectious microbes without harming the skin’s protective bacterial flora. Use whenever proper hand washing is required for conditioned, happy hands that are as clean as it gets.

What is the product free from?

Natural YOPE hand soaps for kids do not contain parabens, SLES, PEG, SLS, EDTA, colouring, DEA, ingredients of animal origin.

* Packaging in Polish language
** Refill packing used 70% less plastic than bottled product






* 產品以波蘭文包裝出貨
** 補充包裝比樽裝用少70%塑膠