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Bedding Savanna 100 x 135cm


Wonderful bedding sets – our project on which we worked for over a year. We have set a goal that these beddings they must be exceptional. And they are. Material, print, color, shape – everything is soooo BEAUTIFUL. 

The bed sheets are sewn from printed material and from a single-color material selected to complement the colors of the print. Thus, you can have a quilt eithter in Savanna or beige print, depending on which side of the quilt you choose to be the front one. In the set you will also find a one-color pillow in identical colour as the the colour of the quilt. In the future, we also plan overprinted pillows, available for purchase.

Both quilts and pillows are tied with bows and strings. We have made this our point of honor, because if you already know our brand, you also know that we do not accept dangerous elements both in our proposals for plywood toys, and now – in bedding. Therefore, these bedding does not have zippers, buttons, or snaps. Nothing has the right to scratch a baby or to fall off. We just added a little more material so that it wraps beautifully and protects the filling (20 cm of material wrapped inside), and finally we tie bows that add a retro look.



  • quilt 100×135 cm
  • cushion 60×40 cm

Both elements come without filling.

The bedding is finished with bows to tie (they are located at the bottom of the duvet and the shorter side of the pillow). The bedding has an additional 25 cm folded material inside of the duvet, which guarantee that the  does not fall out even during a very chaotic night 🙂

There are no buttons, sliders or other small items that children could put in their mouths.