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Butterfly Dance Wall Stickers

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Big butterflies that will dance beautifully in a girl’s room! Very natural colors to match the decor, regardless of the climate in which we have a room. We can have snow-white furniture or in natural color. They perfectly match pink, as well as natural, autumn colors – ocher, beige, dull green and brown. This pattern is a universal one – provided you are rather a girl 🙂

The templates have two sizes (width x height):

  • size S: 80cm x 50cm
  • size L: 110cm x 70cm

Size S – small butterflies that can be nicely applied over a desk or in a corner of the room, by the window (or on the surface of the window). It will look great on the white wardrobe door.

Big L butterflies are more a decoration for a cradle or a bed. Size L has more stars (in size S we don’t have the smallest stars, because they would be too small to apply them), so if we want to decorate a larger wall, the big template will be better.